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* Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Germany

* Academy for Educational Development (Washington, D.C.)
* ACCU Translation Services Ltd. (Translation agency, Burlington, Canada)
* Amérique Latine Montréal (Translation agency, Montréal, Canada)
* Amnesty International (Canada)
* Bata Shoe Organization (Canada)
* British Airways (London, England)
* Canadian Association for Latin America & the Caribbean (Academic institution)
* Canadian Auto Workers Union
* Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Toronto)
* Canadian Red Cross
* Catholics for a Free Choice (Washington, D.C.)
* Center for Global Development (Washington, D.C.)
* Center for Policy Analysis on Trade and Health (CPATH) (San Francisco, California)
* Center for Reproductive Rights (New York)
* Consumers International Head Office (London, England)
* CTV Television Network (Canada)
* Equality Now (New York)
* Fenco Engineering, Inc. (Canada)
* Government of Canada (Secretary of State)
* Government of Ontario (Multilingual Translation Unit)
* Graphic Resources, Inc. (Beltsville, Maryland)
* Helios Translations (Translation agency, Oakville, Canada)
* Hispanex Inc. (Translation agency, Boston)
* Human Rights Watch (New York)
* Institut für Iberoamerika-Kunde (University of Hamburg)
* Institute of International Education (New York)
* Inter-American Dialogue (Washington, D.C.)
* Jaguar Cars Ltd. (London, England)
* Kalo Inc. (Chemicals, Kansas)
* Lac Minerals Ltd. (Mining, Canada)
* Language Solutions (Translation agency, Apex, North Carolina)
* Le Groupe-conseil baastel ltée. (Translation agency, Hull, Canada)
* Merrel-Dow Corporation (Canada)
* Omni Interpreting & Translation Network (Translation agency, Thousand Oaks, California)
* Ontario Ministry of Culture (Canada)
* Ontario Ministry of Labour (Canada)
* Osgoode Technical Translations (Translation agency, Toronto)
* Oxford Analytical Instruments Ltd. (London, England)
* Paragraphe Communications Inc. (Translation agency, Toronto)
* Partners of the Americas (Washington, D.C.)
* Settlement Workers in Schools (Toronto)
* Scotiabank Translation Services (Montréal)
* SUN Microsystems Corporation (U.S.)
* Swim Media Inc. (Toronto)
* The de Havilland Corporation (Toronto)
* The Newshour with Jim Lehrer (Denver, Colorado)
* The Riecken Foundation (Washington, D.C.)
* The World Bank (Washington, D.C.)
* The World Federation of Boy Scouts (London, England)
* TNT Express Worldwide (London, England)
* Toronto City Hall
* Toronto Department of Public Health
* United Church of Canada
* Vera Institute of Justice (New York)
* Women’s Caucus for Gender Justice (New York)

* Chile

* Agriculture & Livestock Service (Government of Chile)
* Agri-Food Producers Association (Trade association)
* Andes Investments Chile Limited (Chile) (Asset management)
* Arauco Resources Corporation Ltd. (Mining and prospecting)
* Artesanías de Chile Foundation (Government Foundation)
* Planned Parenthood Association of Chile (Research institute)
* Celulosa Arauco y Constitución (Pulp & paper)
* Center for Women’s Studies (Research institute)
* Chile’s Americas Board (Binational grant-making institution)
* Chilean Copper Commission (Cochilco) (Government of Chile)
* Chilean Exporters Association (Trade association)
* Chilean Printers Association (Trade association)
* Chilean Trade Commission (ProChile) (Government of Chile)
* Christian Humanism University Academy (Gender Program)
* Civil Registry and Identity Service (Government of Chile)
* Corporación de Investigaciones para el Desarrollo (CINDE) (Education research institute)
* Diego Portales University
* Directorate General for International Economic Relations (Government of Chile)
* Diseñadores Asociados Ltda. (High-end publishing)
* EarthAction Network (International NGO)
* Eduardo Frei Foundation (Presidential archives)
* Electrowatt Ingenieros Consultores (Chile) (Engineering consultants)
* Embassy of Canada
* Embassy of Denmark
* Establecimientos La Polar (Retail chain)
* FCMI Chile Financial Corporation S.A. (Asset management)
* FCMI Toronto Mining S.A. (Asset management)
* Federation of Food Processing Industries of Chile
* Foreign Investment Committee (Government of Chile)
* Forestal Arauco S.A. (Logging)
* Informática del Pacífico (Information technology)
* ITV Editores Ltda. (High-end publishing)
* LanChile S.A. (Air carrier)
* Larraín Vial S.A. (Stockbrokers)
* Los Andes University
* Luis Mackenna y Cía. (Law office)
* Mantos de Oro Mining Co. (Gold mining)
* Ministry of Foreign Affairs
* Ministry of Public Works (Infrastructure concession programs)
* Ministry of the Government Secretary-General
* Moneda Asset Management S.A.
* National Energy Commission (Government of Chile)
* National Science and Technology Research Commission (Conicyt) (Government of Chile)
* National Tourist Board (Sernatur) (Government of Chile)
* Pan Atlantic Bank and Trust Limited (Chile) (Asset management)
* Partnership for Educational Revitalization in the Americas (International NGO)
* Piston Hydraulics of Canada (Chile) (Industrial parts)
* Placer Dome Inc. (Gold mining)
* Portaluppi, Guzmán y Bezanilla Ltda. (Law office)
* Princeton Mining Co. (Mining and prospecting)
* Procter & Gamble Chile Inc.
* Production Development Corporation of Chile (Corfo) (Government of Chile)
* Prudential Securities (Chile) Inc. (Asset management)
* Regional Government of Valparaíso (Governor’s Office)
* Reproductive Medicine Institute of Chile (Private foundation)
* Simon-Carves Fenco Chile S.A. (Mining consultants)
* Sindelen S.A. (Home appliance manufacturers)
* Toronto Trust (Chile) (Asset management)
* Toronto Trust Investments (Barbados) Limited (Asset management)
* Transap S.A. (Railways)
* University of Valparaíso (Office of the President)
* Viña Almaviva S.A. (Winery)
* Viña Concha y Toro S.A. (Winery)
* Viña La Rosa Ltda. (Winery)

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