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* About Patricio Mason, M.A.*, Managing Partner and Senior Translator, clients have said:

*Approved by the Translation Bureau of the Government of Canada as an English-Spanish, Spanish-English translator in 28 different specialties.

*“By the way, my colleague who is putting together the whole document in Spanish and is usually very critical of translations (“easier to do it myself”) thinks your translations are excellent and is delighted for your help! Just thought you’d like to know that. I TOLD her you were great! Thanks again!”

Gabriela Byron
International Development Consultant
Toronto, Canada

*“Patricio-- It has been a great pleasure working with you, the best translator I know.”

Eric Jacobstein
Manager, Legislative Affairs (2006)
Inter-American Dialogue
Washington, DC

*“Patricio Mason is our go-to translator and editor for the most important materials generated by our institution. We recommend his professional services unconditionally and without the slightest reservation.”

Jorge Díaz
Head, Communications Office
Chilean Trade Commission (ProChile)
Santiago, Chile

*“By far the fastest (and most accurate) translator I know.”

Angela Heimburger
Americas Researcher
Women’s Rights Division
Human Rights Watch, New York

*“I’ve found an extraordinary translator Agustín Squella recommended. He translated the same article I sent your way some time ago. His name is Patricio Mason. The first translation I got from XXX was, frankly, very poor. I know how hard it is to find good translators, as they need to possess not only knowledge of the language pair, but mastery of the language in general. In my experience, were I to send XXX’s translation to an English-language journal, I would get turned down on the double for failing to meet minimum English standards (a nightmare I went through last year). I then asked Patricio to translate the article and results were excellent! I’m enclosing a side-by-side comparison of both translations for you to see the vast difference. As U of V researchers, it would be great to have such a strong professional work with us in the future.”

Alejandra Zúñiga-Fajuri
School of Law
University of Valparaíso
Valparaíso, Chile

*“You’re tops!!!”

Marianne Møllmann
Advocacy Director
Women’s Rights Division
Human Rights Watch, New York

*“A terrific job [Translation into English of Shadow Report to the 4th Periodic Report Submitted by the Government of Chile to the CEDAW 36th Session]. I’m actually looking for a Spanish to English translator and was wondering if you’d be interested in working with us on some discrete projects?”

Lilian Sepúlveda,
Legal Adviser for Latin America and the Caribbean
Center for Reproductive Rights, New York, NY

* “Hello Patricio -occasions where a client goes to the trouble to praise a translator’s work are rare, but here is one meant for you, and I copy: ’The PRNewswire Miami Bureau, which handles Spanish translation and distribution in Latin America, called to note the quality of the Spanish used in the news release. They said it was rare to see such good Spanish in their releases. We thought you’d like to know.’

We, of course, have known the good quality of your work for a long time. Have a nice day!”

Annalise Siegenthaler
Amérique Latine Montréal, Translators
Montréal, Canada

* “Hi, Patricio: Just a quick note to thank you for your impeccable [Portuguese into English] translation of the [Fernando Henrique] Cardoso text.”

Marifeli Pérez-Stable, Ph.D.
Vice President for Democratic Governance,
Inter-American Dialogue
Washington, DC

* “Patricio, in July of 2001 we had the privilege of working with you. We are currently submitting a quote for a large project from English into Spanish and would like to see if you are available and/or interested in being a part of our team.”

Judy Mays
Co-owner, Language Solutions, Inc.
Apex, NC, USA

* “Thank you so much for delivering this so quickly.” [...] “You have done a marvelous job of improving, as usual!”

Joan Caivano
Director of Special Projects
Inter-American Dialogue
Washington, D.C.

*“Dear Patricio: Thanks for last week’s translation job. I was truly impressed with the quality, especially considering how poorly written the material was.”

Martha Ochoa
Language Solutions, Inc.
Apex, North Carolina

* “Payment for your GREAT translation services was wired this past Friday. Thank you for your excellent service.”

Laurel Bernstein
International Program Assistant
Catholics for a Free Choice
Washington, D.C.

* “Thanks for getting these back so fast and doing such a great job...”

Bridget Drury
Program Officer
Academy for Educational Development
Washington, D.C.

* “Patricio -The client was thrilled with your translation. They have more work, including something I’d love your help with if it’s possible.”

Eric Wiemann
Graphic Resources, Inc.
Beltsville, MD

* “Patricio: I’ve read only part of the translation, but it looks truly great so far.”

Joe Hirsch
Vera Institute of Justice
New York, NY

* “Dear Patricio, thank you for the translation. I understand that you have completed the job for us despite the time constraints and confusion and would like to thank you heartily for a beautiful document.”

Miho Tsujii
Women’s Caucus for Gender Justice
New York, NY

* “Having now had the chance to compare your services with the other people I recurred to, I am doubly impressed! You are really excellent --quick and accurate. I just recommended you to my editors at the Population Council.”

Bonnie Shepard, Visiting Fellow
David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies
Harvard University

* “I wanted to thank you for all the translation work you did the past few weeks. That was amazing. I am sure I have said this before.”

Ann Syauta
Program Director
Equality Now
New York, NY

* “Talent and experience can work wonders. Your translation is so very presentable, it reads better than the original. Congratulations!” [...] “Good work! Really, it sounds as if you’d written it yourself. Most impressed...”

Ilse Luraschi
Amérique Latine Montréal, Translators
Montréal, Canada

* “While I was in Chile a friend showed me a Chile photo book by Pablo Valenzuela that had Spanish and English text, and the English was so bad that I remarked on it to my friend as an example of bad translation by a non-English speaker. The translator was some woman whose name I forget. Anyway, a few days later, at a different friend’s house, I saw what I thought was the same photo book and said “look how bad the translation is”, but when I opened it I kept turning pages looking for bad English and couldn’t find any. So I looked at the title page and found (surprise, surprise) that YOU had translated this one... Well: When you’re good, you’re good.”

David Holmstrom
Boston, Massachusetts

* “Many thanks for sending the translation. It is excellent! You have done a beautiful job -- if only I could speak Spanish this way! Can I ask your daily rates -- and whether you are looking for more consultancies? Our office needs a good translator and I would very much like to recommend you.”

Sarah Gammage
Institute of Social Studies (ISS)

* “Thanks very much for the translations. They looked very good.”

Mary Jo Brooks, Producer
The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer
Denver, Colorado

* “In our opinion, Mr. Mason is the best English-Spanish, Spanish-English translator who has ever worked with us over the years, without any reservations.”

Pierre Rényi
General Manager
Osgoode Technical Translations
Toronto, Canada

* “Mr. Mason’s translation [of my book] can only be described as superb. Of the many translators with whom I have worked, Mr. Mason is without a doubt the best.”

Liisa North
Associate Professor of Political Science
Director, Center for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean
York University, Toronto, Canada

* “In 1987 Mr. Patricio Mason was retained by us as a rater on a project concerned with the development of a prototype instrument for assessing the proficiency of Spanish/English interpreters for the Canadian Employment and Immigration Commission. I was the Principal Investigator on that project. Mr. Mason, who has extensive experience in interpreting and translating into Spanish and English, was hired as a consultant and enhanced the project by expertly reviewing the test content and the testing procedures.

There is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Mason will continue providing English-Spanish translation services at a high level wherever he goes, and I highly recommend his professional services.”

Esther Geva, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)
University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

* “Since 1983, Patricio Mason has provided Spanish translations for all major Toronto Board of Education publications. Mr. Mason has also contributed concrete suggestions for improving the overall translation practices and procedures at the Board, ultimately to the benefit of all Spanish-speaking persons. In addition, he has always delivered accurate, high-quality translations, often under demanding schedules and adverse conditions.

As a Trustee for the Board, I highly recommend the translation services provided by Patricio Mason. He has proven to be a conscientious professional whose skill as an expert in translation has contributed greatly to the Spanish-speaking community of Toronto.”

Luz Bascuñán
Toronto Board of Education
Toronto, Canada

* “For the past five years, Mr. Patricio Mason has provided excellent translations from French into Spanish, French into English, and English into Spanish for many of our major clients. We have also used his services as a performer for industrial videos. Our clients praised his easy-going manner and humor, as well as his intelligent reading and good voice. We want to emphasize that Mr. Mason has given us very meticulously researched work. The presentation is also carefully taken care of. At first we hired a proofreader, but soon found that this was not necessary. Such professionalism is hard to find.”

Véronique Perez
President, A la Française Communications, Inc.
Toronto, Canada

* “Patricio Mason has worked with the Toronto Board of Education in the capacity of professional translator and interpreter for almost ten years. His work with our school system has always been of exceptionally high quality as he quickly became the expert translator for the most highly complex and advanced work. Mr. Mason has also on several occasions performed the services of consultant on matters related to the provision of translation and interpretation services. He has made an outstanding contribution to the quality of our overall translation and interpreting services to the school system.”

Lloyd McKell
Community Services Officer
Toronto Board of Education
Toronto, Canada

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